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Reiki, A treatment for all

By Dr. Silvia Casabianca Reiki Master and Licensed Massage Therapist (MA 32919)

REIKI is a healing method that we owe to Mikao Usui. REIKI belongs to the Biofield Medicines, one of the seven categories of Alternative Health accepted by the National Institutes of Health in the United States. REIKI uses subtle energy fields in and around the body for healing purposes.
REIKI is a Japanese word where REI means “life force energy” and Ki (the equivalent to the Chinese word Qi and Indian word Prana), which means individual vital energy. When Rei and Ki flow together, we are whole, healthy.
REIKI is based on the funneling of Universal Energy through the practitioner via the recipient, for achieving somatic, mental and spiritual healing. Healing is more than the popular notion of removal of symptoms. It is resolution of the causes of the dis-ease. Healing is returning to a state of alignment with our Higher Self or true way of being. It is balance.
The main principle in REIKI practice is that life force nourishes the organs and cells and when it is blocked or disrupted, the body ceases to function well. REIKI practitioners facilitate the process of healing though the laying of the hands. The Universal energy enhances the flow of the persons' energy or KI.

Everybody can learn REIKI

A Master who opens the practitioner’s channels initiates the REIKI student. The practitioner is then ready for funneling the universal energy and to transmit it to others for the rest of his or her life. REIKI energy is neutral and is always present. Any person can receive REIKI or be initiated as a REIKI practitioner, independently from any beliefs, religion, culture, age, lifestyle or life experience.
Reiki is learned through three different stages:
REIKI I: Focused on physical aspects of well-being, including nutrition, physical activity and stress management. After the first level, you can administer REIKI on yourself and others.
REIKI II: Focused on the mental and emotional aspects and distance healing.
REIKI III: This is considered the Master level. The student is initiated to teach other people.


Achieving Mastery requires a lifelong process. It requires practice and discipline. Reiki provides basic principles and tools that ease our learning process.
REIKI energy will always be present for the practitioner. This energy is considered intelligent and neutral and it goes where it’s required. Reiki is never harmful.

REIKI benefits

Research has shown that REIKI:

· Alleviates pain
· Reduces fatigue
· Boosts immune system
· Supports the resolution of emotional conflicts
· Shortens wound-healing time.
REIKI supports but does not substitute medical treatments in acute and chronic conditions and alleviates pain and distress in chronic and terminal medical conditions.

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