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Reiki Master and LMHC SILVIA CASABIANCA will be presenting her workshops and lectures entitled REGAIN BODY WISDOM at the Sivananda Ashram in Bahamas from August 27 to 29/2017
The program will include presentations and workshops as follows:

  • August 27: Evening Satsang (50 minutes)
  • August 28: Afternoon workshop (90 minutes), Evening Satsang (50 minutes)
  • August 29: Afternoon workshop (90 minutes)
Understand the intelligence of the body; how organs communicate; how everything is connected in the body. Learn to listen to your body; understand the multidimensionality of health and illness while recognizing symptoms as symbols providing clues about inner processes.
During the presentations Silvia will discuss the bridge between science (particularly new advances in neuroscience) and spirituality; including bodily stress management systems; somatic experiencing to increase awareness and the multidimensionality of the body.

The following topics will be covered:

  1. Holistic anatomy
  2. Energetic anatomy
  3. How the organization of the body correlates with the organization of the mind
  4. How to regain body wisdom for optimal health

For more information visit the Sivananda Ashram website


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