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Holistic Consulting

Silvia Casabianca has a background as a medical doctor, a psychotherapist, a bodyworker, a Reiki Master, a QiGong practitioner and an educator. For almost three decades she has regularly provided education and advice to individuals, schools and corporations through her books, classes and workshops. Through her radio program, Regain Body Wisdom, she has interviewed people from all walks of life on diverse body, mind and spiritual matters.

Besides being a regular contributor to many publications in the past 15 years, she is also a publish author. Her books include Regaining Body Wisdom and Stress Management for Massage Therapists.

She is a Board Certified Professional Counselor and Board Certified in Integrative Health.

What can she do for you or your company?

Silvia Casabianca can provide holistic health consulting. She is an expert on stress management.

Holistic refers to a view and approach of the body, health and illness that takes the whole into account. We are multidimensional beings. We are not our bodies. In order to preserve health we need to understand that there are physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and environmental factors to take into consideration. Her advice is based on the idea that health has three main components: Nutrition, physical activity and stress managment.

A wellness plan for an individual, a family or a corporation needs to reflect the multidimensionality of the body and should include ways to compensate stress through nutrition, meditation, yoga, reiki, exercise and listening to the body.