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Wellness and Awareness - Regain Body Wisdom



Holistic education,

holistic approach to healing 

Counseling - Reiki - Yoga - Trager

Therapeutic Massage

Art Therapy - Continuing education

9200 Bonita Beach RD SE #202-204

Bonita Springs, FL 34135

FL Massage Establishment License  MM21921

Eyes Wide Open Healing Center is inspired in holistic principles

Our educational programs are based on the belief that each person finds identity, meaning, and purpose in life through community networking, connecting to nature, and embracing spiritual values such as compassion and peace.

We attract people who have an intrinsic reverence for life and a passionate love for learning. People who want to step out of the "pop-a-pill culture" and have decided to take responsibility for their own health by leading healthier lifestyles.

Our professional services are also based on a systemic approach that follows the principle that the whole is more that the sum of its component parts.


When we treat an individual, a couple or a family, we see them within their context; we are focused on health not on illness.

We focus on their strengths, not their weaknesses. We discuss  solutions, not focus on the problems. We do believe that we have an intelligent inner healer that, if supported, will maintain the necessary equilibrium to grant us health.

Our vision is multidimensional. We consider that the body is not only physical, but also emotional, mental and spiritual and that a healing arts professional needs to address all aspects of the human being to be able to provide necessary support for healing.


(Excerpt from the book Regaining Body Wisdom by Silvia Casabianca)  


Stress is the result of a change in the environment perceived by the body or mind as a challenge, a threat or a factor that can throw the body out of balance.

The body, however, is born equipped with everything necessary to adapt, because stress is part of the normal process of interaction between human beings and their environment; it is a normal part of life. What is new is chronic stress, which is characteristic of modern life. Never before have humans had to deal with so many varied and intense stressful factors, with so few restorative pauses and compensating elements.

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Holistic approachThe body respond to environmental challenges and we call that response stress. If we are exposed to multiple sources of stress over time it overwhelms the body and compromise its function. Since we cannot avoid all stressors, it's important to support the body's capacity to respond.
Therapeutic MassageEyes Wide Open Center in Bonita Springs offer massage, Reiki and Trager. Call for more information: (239) 948-9444
Meditation, prescription for the soul
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