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Wednesday, January 18, 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Ever wondered what astronauts feel in space? Weightlessness is an odd experience for human beings. We're all the time fighting gravity, even in our sleep. Only exception might be under anesthesia.

Come and experience how Trager can help you learn weightlessness. If you take the pressure off the joints... can you imagine? Moving with ease is the result!

Learn Trager principles that will help you connect with your body and move with ease.

Release patterns of restriction, improve your performance as a golfer or tennis player, walk more comfortably without pain. 


The Trager Approach® is a form of movement education and mind/body integration that helps release deep-seated physical and mental patterns of restriction and facilitates deep relaxation, increased physical mobility, and presence. 


The founder, Milton Trager, called his work Psychophysical Integration. He was an athlete, dancer, and bodybuilder. He began doing bodywork in a very intuitive manner drawing from the sensations experienced in his own body while receiving massage. His determination to find easier, softer and more effective ways to perform as an athlete led him to practice meditation and develop a bodywork modality of his own. He was trained as a physical therapist and eventually became a physician. Late in life, at Esalen Institute, he was encouraged to begin teaching, which he did for the last 22 years of his life.


In this class: 


You will gain simple practical and useful movement and ideas that will make daily life easier, both for yourself and for family members or dear ones – some examples: less back pain with daily activities (how to shift the manner of doing physical work by sensing how the body feels), better balance (shifting weight side to side and front to back), fluid walking. 


You will discover your own ways of moving through life with more ease (self-care).


For more information and to pre-register, please call: (239) 948-9444 - Please pay cash at the door.

To  know more visit this page: TRAGER FOR DAILY LIFE