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YOGA FOR ALL and more services

EYES WIDE OPEN is committed to support your healing process from the beginning to the end. Our approach is holistic and we believe that a multidimensional approach is needed when you take the challenge to transform your life.

Give us a call to set an appointment to just visit the place and meet with therapists and instructors, or to

• receive integrative counseling sessions (With Silvia Casabianca - body, mind, spirit);

• participate in Reiki Circles (Led by Silvia Casabianca and Dan Gorny - 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month); 

• take a QiGong exercise and meditation class (with Silvia Casabianca)

• take a yoga class (with Hatha Yoga instructors Marjorie McShand or Ali Gardella)

• take classes (Laws of Attraction with Coach Ann Arbelaez, 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month) or

• workshops (check the calendar at www.EyesWideOpenC.com)

• or receive a session from one of our massage therapists (check our list of massage therapists at www.EyesWideOpenC.com).

EYES WIDE OPEN is a wellness and awareness company offering counseling, bodywork and education to help people stay healthy. 

Thanks to the Southwest Florida community for their support. Our new space allowed us to expand our services to include more alternative health options like yoga, medical Qigong and meditation.

We believe that the body is intelligent and given the proper conditions can heal itself.  A healthy lifestyle is a prerequisite to maintain the body and the mind working optimally.

(239) 948-9444

VISIT www.EyesWideOpenC.com for more details