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Daily meditation, a recommended prescription for the soul

Meditation, telepathy, clairvoyance, hands-on healing, vibrational medicine, will they all become a normal part of our lives? Probably, and it's starting to happen now. Let's look at meditation only.
Millions of people worldwide have made of meditation a part of their daily lives. The official US transcendental meditation (TM) page claims that six million people practice TM in the world. For others, meditation is part of their religious or spiritual practices, used as a tool to reconnect with the supreme soul, the transcendental being or the universe, depending on the person's beliefs. For many, meditation is a path to enlightenment. And, lately, if more people are seeking yoga, pranayama, TM or any kind of meditative states in the West, it's because doctors increasingly recommend its practice as a stress reduction strategy that has positive impact on health.
Meditation is not a new practice, and although most meditative techniques come from India, China and Japan, many cultures around the world have practiced meditation for centuries. Indian scriptures (tantras) dated 5,000 years ago, mention meditative techniques; however, it was only in the 1960's when western researchers started to get interested in its practice and, body centered as we are, we started to look at its effects on the body. In the 70's, after an article published in the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology (the first one on the topic to appear in a scientific journal), meditation became the first mind-body practice to become adopted in mainstream health care.
Today, and after research supported by the American Heart Association has been published, it has become well accepted among doctors that meditation has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Meditation lowers heart rate and blood pressure, modifies brain frequencies and increases the chances of survival for people suffering strokes.
Meditation can be practiced alone or in groups, with the help of guided meditation CDs or in silence. And one of the beauties of it is that you don't have to be affiliated to any set of beliefs to benefit from its practice.


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