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Neuromuscular Repatterning
Neuromuscular Repatterning
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October 8th and 9th  9:00 a.m. 6:00 p.m.

If you are concerned about the strain that providing massage puts on your own body, you might be interested in a class where you can learn a set of principles that will refine your touch, help you gain increased sensitivity and teach you how to deliver a real deep experience of relaxation without stressing your body.
This class provides you with a powerful set of tools to use with clients in pain due to injury, overuse or postural imbalances. Shoulder, neck, hip and back pain are studied in relationship to movement patterns and posture. 
The class offers: 
  • A review of anatomy/physiology of movement and touch, and how to stimulate proprioceptors to enhance the effects of massage.
  • A review of the function of touch and movement in the structuring of neuromuscular patterns, as well as how to help the client overcome restrictive patterns.  
  • To help you achieve a better understanding of the process that shapes body and mind through touch and movement. 
You will develop new skills in the assessment of restrictive patterns, gait and posture, explore the perception of tension and relaxation in your own and the client’s body. The class will also help you improve your body mechanics to prevent repetitive stress injuries. 
Draws from Trager Approach, Feldenkrais, Somatics, Movement Therapies.

Silvia Casabianca, who graduated and practiced as a physician in Colombia and has a Master of Arts in Art Therapy from Concordia University, Montreal, supports an integrative approach to healing. She has researched the fields of quantum mechanics, vibrational medicine and neuroscience in search for explanations that her medical training did not have answers for. She is a Florida Licensed Massage Therapist and a Mental Health Counselor. She is also a certified Trager practitioner. During the past 15 years, she has been teaching classes and seminars around Florida. She is the director of Eyes Wide Open Center in Bonita Springs where she offers a holistic practice. She authored “Regaining Body Wisdom,” among other books and numerous papers and articles.