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Hypnosis Clinic
Hypnosis Clinic
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With Linda Cupit, ARNP, CHT.
October 12 from 10 to 3 p.m.
Only $25
By appointment only. Call: (239) 948-9444
Experience a safe, natural and effective approach to unconscious mind. Change limiting beliefs and unwanted habits. Succeed by enhancing your ability to imagine and concentrate. Shortened session.
Linda Cupit will be offering a unique opportunity to a few people to learn about and experience hypnosis. She has her private practice at the Eyes Wide Open Center for 4 years.
Hypnosis is most often used to  induce a state of relaxation or for a range of issues that are interfering with people's full enjoyment of life.
Hypnosis can also be used to maximize sport skills. 
Linda works with clients' goals.  Hypnosis is not an end in itself. 
Popular myths about hypnosis: 
You will lose consciousness. This is probably the most common misconception and many people believe that people who are hypnotized areunconscious. Nothing is farther from the truth; in fact a person who is hypnotized will be even more highly focused. The client is always capable of making decisions at all times.
People with a weak mind are easier to hypnothize. On the contrary, hypnosis requires concentration; the best clients are in many cases the most intelligent.
You will reveal your secrets. Absolutely not true; the client is aware of everything that is going on while being hypnotized. Nobody will force them to reveal secrets.
Some people can't be "revived" after hypnosis. Clients actually induce the trance themselves, and can readily emerge from hypnosis at their will.
Hypnotists have a dominant personality. It's a misconception that one has to have a strong personality to be a hypnotist or that males make better hypnotists than women. Some of the most successful hypnotists are women.
The majority of people find hypnosis to be a very pleasant experience. When it is being used to promote a change, it is very important that the client takes ownership of the process and practice as directed by the hypnotist. Some clients will benefit from a refresher session 6-12 weeks after they have completed their initial work.